I have never really been a huge fan of sci-fi or action movies. I’ve always only enjoyed comedies, chick flicks, basically movies that are simple to understand and can make me laugh. The only times I’ve ever had to watch these kinds of sci-fi movies are when my teachers decide to show them in class just because they are supposedly ‘informative’.

Ten years after being shown on the big screen, I finally got to know about this movie called ‘Minority Report’ starring Tom Cruise. The reason being of course, my lecturer showed it to the class for our New Communication Technologies tutorial. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to watching it. I never really paid much attention to it at first, but my classmates seemed to be glued to the screen. So, I gave it a chance and tried to understand the storyline.

Of course, I bombarded my classmate with silly questions as I tried to follow-up with them and understand the plot. Soon, I found myself intrigued with the interesting storyline. The technology displayed in the movie was definitely a key feature which catches the viewers’ attention. Thinking about it, I can’t really remember how technology was back in 2002, but it amazes me how the creators of the movie can think of such ideas and portray them so well into a visual illustration of the future. From the eye-identifying technology, high-tech cars, and of course, the Precogs who are robot-like psychics that see visions of future murders, everything was well-thought of.

I can’t say that I see an accurate depiction of the the movie to come true to life in the future, but some technology in the movie are indeed possible. Nowadays, its already possible for fingerprint identification for access to certain areas, so eye-identification is definitely a possibility in the future.

However, its impossible for me to believe that beings like Precogs would exist. Call me a sceptic, but I believe that no one in this world is able to see a clear vision of the future, even with the aid of any form of technology that has yet to be invented.

Well, we never know what is certain with the future in terms of technology. Movies can only widen our imagination into the endless possibilities. Humans are never 100% pleased with what they have, and perhaps its a good thing. It motivates us to constantly create and improve our lives.

That’s all for this post! I may not be able to see the future, but I can definitely promise more interesting posts to come!



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